SOLAS Lifebuoy 2,5kg

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SOLAS Lifebuoy 2,5kg

1350,00 kr

Our 2,5kg SOLAS-approved lifebuoy with reflectors ensures enhanced safety in water environments. Designed for reliability and durability, it serves as a fundamental component of water rescue equipment worldwide. SOLAS stands for Safety Of Life At Sea, an international maritime safety treaty aimed at ensuring the safety of shipping and maritime activities, including search and rescue operations. Pair it with our recommended throw line for extended reach and enhanced rescue capabilities.

This fully red lifebuoy with reflectors is SOLAS-approved with a 30-meter throw line


The lifebuoy forms the foundation of our water rescue range. At Fristad Plast AB, we have been producing lifebuoys since 1976. Lifebuoys are placed by ports, associations, and municipalities at lakes, coasts, and watercourses throughout Sweden to increase safety.


The lifebuoy enhances safety in all water environments. It is the cornerstone of rescue equipment, developed and tested over a long period and used worldwide. The primary function is to provide buoyancy assistance for the distressed and the rescuer. The design allows the lifebuoy to float with the water instead of drifting with the wind on the surface, allowing the distressed to swim to it. Consider the lifebuoy’s equally important functions during winter on treacherous ice. Together with the throw line, which is mounted on the lifebuoy, you get extended reach to reach the distressed. The throw line is buoyant and has a visible orange color. The line’s construction makes it non-knotable. The lifebuoy is foam-filled, allowing it to float even if damaged. The lifebuoy has a unique outer layer, making it soft and durable. A well-maintained lifebuoy lasts for approximately 10 years. The lifebuoy holder keeps the lifebuoy in place and makes it easily accessible to everyone. We recommend placing the lifebuoy at a height of 1.5 meters to the top to ensure that even children and people with disabilities can reach it.

  • The buoyancy of the lifebuoy is suitable for two people.
  • The buoy has a 30-meter throw line (ordered separately).
  • The manufacturing year is indicated on the lifebuoy and on the container containing the line.
Color: Yellow



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