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The LifeBuoy

Lifebuoy and Rescue Line – custom design

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Our lifebuoy features a robust construction that offers reliable buoyancy and support in emergencies. It is easy to use and suitable for various water environments. Additionally, we offer the possibility of custom design, allowing you to create a life buoy that perfectly matches your own environment.

Input the custom text you’d like to add to the top and bottom of your Lifebuoy. Mind your spelling, we take no responsibility for typos, what you write is what you get. If you want a custom logo on the Buoy, upload it below. Chairs! (Cheers?)

Looking for a Trygg-Hansa Lifebuoy?

A rope broke on a ship off the coast of South America.

The year was 1916, and the ship Pasefiko was steam-powered, thus not turning quickly. An hour later, after continued struggle in the water, Evert could finally be rescued with a lifeboat and a lifebuoy.

60 years later, Leif Forsstr√∂m, Evert’s son, would develop the lifebuoy that still retains the same design to this day, and which Fristad Plast AB, supplies to TRYGG HANSA et al.

The lifebuoy enhances safety in all aquatic environments. It is the cornerstone of lifesaving equipment, developed and tested over a long period, and used worldwide. Its primary function is to provide flotation assistance for both the distressed individual and the rescuer. The lifebuoy serves as the extended arm between the rescuer and the distressed individual. Its design enables it to float with the water rather than drifting with the wind on the surface, allowing the distressed individual to swim towards it. Consider the equally important functions of the lifebuoy during winter months on treacherous ice. Together with the throw line, which is attached to the lifebuoy, one achieves an extended reach to reach the distressed individual. The throw line is buoyant and has a visible orange color. Its construction makes it non-knotable. The lifebuoy is foam-filled, ensuring it remains buoyant even if damaged. It features a unique outer layer, making it soft and durable. A well-maintained lifebuoy lasts approximately 10 years. The lifebuoy holder keeps it in place and readily accessible for everyone.